Visitor Information for Cal Berkeley

UC Berkeley is one of the world’s leading educational and intellectual centers. Heralded for the distinction of its faculty and students, "Cal" Berkeley sets a climate of thought leadership that makes Berkeley a place filled with great ideas (as well as a fun college town!).

The 178-acre campus, open to the public, also serves as Berkeley’s unofficial “Central Park,” with beautifully landscaped grounds, historic architecture, and tranquil, wooded walking paths that cross campus to connect Downtown Berkeley, North Shattuck/Gourmet Ghetto, and the Telegraph Avenue business districts.

There are many ways to tour the campus, from a daily guided tour (reservation required) to self-guided sightseeing tour options.For more UC Berkeley visitor information stop by our Berkeley Visitor Center to kick off your trip. Ready for a back-to-school experience? UC Berkeley offers interesting lectures, film and cultural events open to visitors on an ongoing basis.

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