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Way Bay! at BAMPFA

BY Trevor Cheitlin January 25, 2018

With the opening of its marvelous new downtown Berkeley building in January 2016, the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) positioned itself - and the city - as a centerpiece of the eccentric and diverse artistic culture that thrives in the Bay Area. Two years later, the museum is featuring an exhibit to match that promise in “Way Bay,” a sweeping new showcase that weaves together a complex web of artistic themes and mediums in an exploration of how the Bay Area’s artists have been influenced by the region and its people - and by each other.

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5 Reasons to Check Out the Berkeley Visitor Information Center

BY Visit Berkeley August 24, 2015

Whether you’re new in town, starting your first semester at the top public university in the U.S., or are simply passing through Berkeley, we know that the array of activities, cultural events, food options, and our robust public transit system is a lot to wrangle for a newcomer.

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