Don’t You Want Some Summer of Love?

BY Visit Berkeley April 10, 2017

Starting with the “Human Be-In” in Golden Gate Park, the Summer of Love 1967 brought legions of activists, hippies and dreamers to Berkeley and the SF Bay Area. With its proximity to the University of California and the recent rise of the Free Speech Movement, Berkeley’s atmosphere was politically charged and highly magnetic to spirited youth across the U.S. and internationally.

Many traveled to Berkeley in 1967 as a welcoming outpost of counter-culture. Art, fashion, rock & roll, and technology were just a few of the cultural aspects profoundly influenced by the era. To commemorate this year’s 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, Berkeley offers a number of fun and festive ways to engage with and enjoy Berkeley’s Summer of Love legacy.

Bravo Your City’s Guide to the Berkeley Summer of Love
Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love 1967-2017 in Berkeley with this guide to the iconic landmarks and “Lovemarks” that celebrate Berkeley’s contribution to the counterculture of the 60s and 70s.

50th Anniversary Summer of Love Festival, Telegraph Avenue
On Saturday, April 29th Berkeley’s Telegraph Avenue will celebrate the 50th anniversary of an event that changed the country. Four blocks will be closed to cars and open to art, music, political action–and a far-out 60’s vibe. Telegraph Avenue also offers a self-guided walking tour titled “Telegraph’s Quirky History” – pick up a copy from the Berkeley Visitor Information Center, 2030 Addison Street, #102 in the heart of the Downtown Arts District.

Soundtrack to the 60s: the Berkeley Music Scene
Berkeley Historical Society’s exhibition, “Soundtrack to the 60s: The Berkeley Music Scene,” will debut in October 2017. Details and related events and concerts will be announced soon.

Set on sparkling San Francisco Bay, Berkeley is a spirited city that will surprise and delight those who still see it as the counter-culture center of the Sixties. Free speech and flower power are forever in the city’s “DNA,” but Berkeley has evolved into a culinary and cultural destination with a “green” soul.

Berkeley is more than a vibrant Northern California destination. It is also home the park-like UC Berkeley Campus that rises from Downtown Berkeley, with topographical drama, into a forested foothill range. Acres its 18 square miles, Berkeley offers a cultural and culinary bounty, visual and performing arts, great local hotels, shops and restaurants, and outdoor recreation.

For more information and the official, full-color and free Berkeley Visitors Guide, see http://www.visitberkeley.com/.

Explore Berkeley’s Summer of Love line-up at http://www.visitberkeley.com/explore/berkeley-summer-of-love.