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5 Reasons to Check Out the Berkeley Visitor Information Center

BY Visit Berkeley August 24, 2015

Whether you’re new in town, starting your first semester at the top public university in the U.S., or are simply passing through Berkeley, we know that the array of activities, cultural events, food options, and our robust public transit system is a lot to wrangle for a newcomer.

Here are five reasons why you should check out the Visit Berkeley Visitor Information Center, where our friendly and informative travel gurus are more than happy to help:

1) We have maps, bus route information, BART information, and the scoop on local attractions.

We have brochures for BART, AC Transit, and Amtrak. Plus, we can give you information on the best transit connections and methods to get to Berkeley and Bay Area attractions and landmarks. Cyclist? Be sure to ask for our very special Berkeley Bike Map!

2) Our local knowledge runs deep.

Most of us are Bay Area natives (including one Berkeley native) or have lived in the area for several years. We are always on the lookout for what’s new and exciting in Berkeley, but we also have deep appreciation in our hearts for the tried and true staples. Whatever experience you are seeking, chances are we’ll have tips for you.

3) We can help you craft itineraries.

While we already have sample itineraries on our website, we can also suggest itineraries unique to your tastes and of to any time or location constraints. This will help you get the most out of your stay in Berkeley.

4) We can tell you how long it will really take to get there.

And we can tell you if there’s a short cut you can take in lieu of traffic, or if there’s a little-known gem along the way that you can’t miss. Trust us, Google Maps can’t do that.

5) We enjoy making sure your trip is memorable and less stressful.

We can help you get your bearings in our city. Our Visitors Center is place where you can slow down and ask as many questions as you need to first get oriented, and then make your vacation as activity-filled or relaxing as you’d like.